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Thank you for visiting Sling Heaven, the haven for parents and little ones! Our website, located at, is dedicated to providing valuable information and resources on baby carrying and related topics.

About the Founder

I am Maebh, the founder of Sling Heaven. With a passion for baby carrying that spans over two decades, I have dedicated my life to promoting the benefits and joys of baby wearing.


  • Trageschule Training: I am proud to be trained to the highest level by Trageschule, a leading organization in baby carrying expertise. This extensive training has enhanced my skills and deepened my understanding of the art and science behind baby wearing.

  • Slingababy Training: In addition to my Trageschule expertise, I have also completed training with Slingababy. This comprehensive approach ensures that I bring a holistic perspective to my consultations.

A Legacy of Expertise

For over 20 years, I have been involved with Babame, a specialist baby shop dedicated to slings. This invaluable experience has allowed me to engage with thousands of parents, getting to know their unique needs, challenges, and joys. Babame is not just a shop but a vibrant community that believes in the intimate and natural bond that baby carrying brings.

Sharing Knowledge

In addition to personal consultations, I have had the privilege of training numerous baby shop assistants. This ensures that the advice they offer is grounded in experience and knowledge. Recognizing the growing need for authentic and quality training, I have established a comprehensive baby carrier training school with the aim of raising the industry standards.

Our Mission

At Sling Heaven, our mission goes beyond providing the best baby carriers. We are dedicated to guiding, supporting, and educating parents on the transformative power of baby carrying. Whether you are a first-time parent seeking guidance or a seasoned sling enthusiast eager to learn more, our doors (and hearts) are always open.

Join us on this beautiful journey, and let’s make every moment with your little one count.



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