Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

  • By: Charie
  • Date: May 10, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Technical Details

Brand:  ErgoBaby

Structure:  Buckle

Min Weight:  3.18 Kg

Max Weight:  20.4 Kg

No Infant Insert Required:  ✅

Lumbar Support:  ✅

Front Carry:  ✅

Back Carry:  ✅

Hip Carry:  ✅

Cross Straps:  ✅

Ruck Straps:  ✅

Cross & Ruck Straps:  ✅

Dual Adjustable Buckles:  ❌

Hood:  ✅

Pocket:  ✅

Temperature Regulation:  ⭐⭐

Seat Width Min:  22.5 cm

Seat Width Max:  38 cm

Body Panel Height Min:  37 cm

Body Panel Height Max:  48.5 cm

Straps Length Min:  59 cm

Straps Length Max:  112.7 cm

Waist Band Min:  50.5 cm

Waist Band Max:  134.6 cm


TICKNo need for seperate baby insert

TICK Comes with a detachable pouch

TICK Integrated Lumbar Panel

TICK 4 Carrying Positions


cross  Some parents complain of sharp fabric around the legs and face which may be uncomfortable for baby.

cross The seat adjustment can be quite cumbersome


The Ergo Baby 360 Omni Carrier is a step up from traditional Ergobaby carriers. Finally with this Ergobaby Omni (which stands for Outward Mobile No Insert), they have ditched the need for a baby insert for smaller babies. This is a huge step forward as this was very cumbersome and was like wrapping your baby in a duvet before you put them in your carrier. They have achieved this by making the Ergobaby Omni adjustable, from about 8.5lbs, up to about 2.5 years (though this all depends on your babies weight, height and shape!). Like all Ergobaby Carriers it comes with a 10 year guarantee and offers hip healthy ergonomic carrying positions. Comes with a tick away baby hood for sun protection (UPF 50+) and more privacy if breastfeeding in the carrier.

The Omni 360 Star Dust baby carrier is indeed the most trusted Ergobaby carrier. The carrier adapts with your child as week 1 passes to 48 months. You can certainly carry your precious cargo with confidence. Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh-Carbon Grey carrier keeps the child in all carrying seated positions ergonomically. It highlights lumbar support and extra-cushioned crossable padded shoulder straps and holds the baby in a hip healthy M-shape position at all stages, for you and your child’s incredible comfort.

What experts say

This is a one up from the well-known Ergo All positions 360. You don’t need an infant insert with this carrier which was a big minus for me on the All positions carrier. The forward facing setting is still very bulky though, it just doesn’t look neat. Cool Air mesh makes it great for warmer parents and babies, or on holidays.


A huge improvement on the original 360, gone is that annoying velcro belt and in its replace a lumbar support which is a fantastic addition to any carrier. I find the forward facing option bulky but parents like it.


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