Tula Standard Baby Carrier

  • By: Charie
  • Date: May 10, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Tula standard is probably the worlds most popular baby carrier coming in a dizzying array of prints. Whilst not having all the bells and whistles that other carriers might offer, they do the basics exceptionally well.

A very simple, easy to use carrier consisting of a padded waist band and padded shoulder straps. Requires infant insert to be used from 7lbs up to 6 months. This is a big carrier, so don’t be tempted to remove the infant insert too soon. 

Comes complete with a pocket integrated on the waist band.  Strong cotton canvas fabric with extra leg padding for increased comfort for baby it also comes with a removable hood.

Only two carrying positions, as the straps are fixed to the carrier so cannot be crossed which means you cannot do a hip carry. They are only adjustable in one direction, which means people with limited mobility may struggle with this carrier.

Technical details:

  • Brand:  Tula
  • Structure:  Buckle
  • Min Weight:  6.8 kg
  • Max Weight:  20 kg
  • No Infant Insert Required:  ❌
  • Lumbar Support:  ❌
  • Front Carry:  ✅
  • Back Carry:  ✅
  • Hip Carry:  ❌
  • Cross Straps:  ❌
  • Ruck Straps:  ✅
  • Cross & Ruck Straps:  ❌
  • Dual Adjustable Buckles:  ❌
  • Hood:  ✅
  • Pocket:  ✅
  • Temperature Regulation:  ⭐⭐
  • Seat Width Min:  38 cm
  • Seat Width Max:  38 cm
  • Body Panel Height Min:  39 cm
  • Body Panel Height Max:  39 cm
  • Straps Length Min:  46 cm
  • Straps Length Max:  121 cm
  • Waist Band Min:  64 cm
  • Waist Band Max:  134 cm
  • Waist Band Max:  134 cm


  • Long back panel means this will last up to approximately 3 years.
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters on the shoulder straps
  • Narrow and slim shoulder straps
  • Lots of pretty prints


  • Need seperate baby insert
  • 2 carrying positions

What experts say

Probably one of the best known carriers on the market with a huge fan base worldwide, they do the basics and do them well. The straps are fixed so cannot be crossed, and you can only tighten back-to-front so this won’t be the carrier for everyone. The pocket in the waistband can take a card and a small bunch of keys if you want to nip to the shops. for a smaller baby you will require an insert up until around 6 months and the carrier should last until your child is about three-years-old.


A very popular carrier, it doesn’t have many bells & whistles on but it does the basics well and comes in lots of prints which pleases the crowd.


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